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[ 0 ] October 1, 2013

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At any given time Jimmy’s will have amongst its guests two or three of the canine variety, too often a homeless person’s best, and sometimes seemingly only, friend in the world.

Jimmy’s spoke, naturally with more than a little help from his owner Leon, to one of our most recent doggy guests.  And so we give you Tyson’s tail.

Jimmy’s: Well Tyson how did you and Leon feel when you first arrived at Jimmy’s

Tyson: The streets can be a scary place.  While most people tend to ignore you, you wonder if you are invisible at times, and there are always a few who seem to think that intimidating or attacking a homeless person is a great laugh.  Luckily that never happened to us, yet as glad as we were to come to Jimmy’s, when we first arrived it was a little scary.

Jimmy’s: Why was that?

Tyson: You can adopt a mind-set on the streets that you can’t trust anybody. At first at Jimmy’s our defences were still up.

Jimmy’s: Tell us more Tyson about you and Leon.

Tyson:  Leon adopted me when I was a year old. He thought that a rather handsome English Bull Terrier was just the friend he needed.  I’m now four and we have been together ever since.  We became homeless when Leon broke up with his partner.

Jimmy’s: Is this the first time that you and Leon have been homeless?

Tyson: Sadly no.  We have lived in a hostel but didn’t. find it easy – perhaps it was our unrealistic expectations. Both young and stubborn. Eventually we went to live with Leon’s girlfriend. Unfortunately that didn’t work out.  He still cares about her very much and who knows what might happen.

Jimmy’s: Seeing you both now and remembering what a bad place you were in only a few months ago, what has changed?

Tyson: The faith in us and patience that everyone at  Jimmy’s has shown has helped us gain more confidence and be our true selves.  Since we left Jimmy’s Leon has returned to volunteer in the kitchen under the watchful eye of Auntie Jacqui.  She always tells me what a lovely boy I am! We are hoping that soon we will find our own place.  Most landlords don’t want dogs but Leon and me are inseparable. We’ll keep trying! One optimistic dog and his man.

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