Internationally renowned artist meets Jimmy’s guests

[ 0 ] July 12, 2013

In July, the controversial ‘guerilla’ artist Giles Walker brought his artworks to Cambridge. With Jimmy’s, an exhibition was set up in the Changing Spaces gallery on King Street for an exhibition running from 13-27 July. Centrepiece of the exhibition is ‘The Last Supper’ which drew gasps and applause at the private evening laid on for Jimmy’s guests prior to the exhibition opening to the public. The ‘Last Supper’ features 12 kinetic leather-clad figures sat round a table and the accompanying soundtrack comprises music, film dialogue, conversation samples with death row inmates and details of their last meals. image 6A range of other atrworks from Giles were on display, many making a comment on aspects of today’s society including the rat race, marriage and the media. A link to a short clip of ‘The Last Supper’ can be found here.

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