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[ 0 ] November 14, 2012

The idea of giving shares to charity is not new, but since 6 April 2000 there have been new tax incentives to make it even more attractive. There may be other reasons why giving shares might appeal to you.

Do you hold windfall shares as a result of a privatisation or demutualisation that are effectively gathering dust, making little difference to you? They could make a big difference to Jimmy’s. Or maybe you own very small parcels of shares, perhaps as the result of an inheritance, which you regard as a bit of a nuisance as they generate more paperwork than income. These could be turned into something of real value to others if you give them to Jimmy’s.

Donating shares to charity is easier than you think. Depending on how the shares are held, you might have to fill out a stock transfer form or simply arrange for a transfer from your nominee account straight to Jimmy’s.

To give shares to Jimmys, contact the registrars of the company in which you have shares and ask for a transfer form. Their details will be on your share certificate and on your dividend vouchers. Complete the transfer form, which will take the shares out of your name and put them into Jimmy’s name. The registrars will be able to answer any questions about filling in the form

If you would like further information, please visit the government’s website

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