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[ 7 ] November 12, 2012

The generous donations we receive throughout the year are vital to the work we do, but that doesn’t just mean money. Donations of food, toiletries, household goods and clothes all make a huge difference to Jimmy’s and go directly to help our guests.

While we are grateful for every donation, what we are most in need of – and what we have the space the store – will understandably change from month to month.


Our Christmas wish list is:

General items:
Hot drink sachets i.e. Chocolate, Cappuccino, Horlicks etc
Sandwich fillings i.e. Meat paste, fish paste, canned meats, canned fish
Cuppa soups
Snacks, crisps, biscuits, cheese, crackers etc
Chocolates and sweets etc
Biscuits and cakes etc
Fruit juice and fruit squash
Marmite, peanut butter
Teabags, coffee
Long life milk
Any films on DVD or games on DVD for the PC

Guest stockings:
Toiletries – gift packs
Re-usable razors and blades
Dressing gowns
Brushes and combs
Wind up radios / torches
Battery powered toothbrushes (eg Colgate Sonic, Oral B Pulsar)
Chocolates and sweets

For our dogs:
Pet bowls
Pet blankets
Doggy coats

Generally at other times of the year, we require:

Food and consumables

Coffee; drinking chocolate; squash/juice; sugar; milk; butter/margarine; cooking oil; gravy granules; bread; fresh fruit and veg; canned soups, meat, fruit and veg; biscuits and cakes, jellies; quick dessert whips. Please note: We do not accept out-of-date food in compliance with environmental health regulations.

Other kitchen necessities

Airtight storage boxes, plastic mixing bowls and measuring jugs, sharp knives, catering size pans, aluminium foil, cling-film and freezer bags.

Delivery Details

If you are able to assist us in any way whatsoever we will be very pleased to hear from you.

It is extremely helpful to Jimmy’s if you can telephone in advance to notify us that you are coming with a donation by calling 01223 576085. Jimmy’s is open for the delivery of non-perishable items between the hours of 10am to 5pm and is open till 11.30pm for the delivery of perishables. Please park in Bradmore Street, or if there is a free bay, in Bradmore Lane behind the Church, then walk round to Jimmy’s main entrance on East Road and press the buzzer for assistance. If there is no reply, call us on on 01223 576085.

On occasions we are able to collect items from you – please telephone 01223 576085 to enquire.

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  1. Lisa says:

    My 13 year old daughter and I will be collecting some of the items on the Jimmy’s Christmas list for you over the coming weeks during our usual weekly grocery shop. I Hope this is ok? I will contact before dropping them off. Best wishes.

    • Barry says:

      Hi Lisa

      That is great and thank you so much for thinking of us.

      We will certainly look forward to receiving any donations you collection for us.

      Kind regards

  2. Natalie Whittaker says:

    I know a lady called Gemma Osbourne who is gathering items for you and for people on the streets. I think she is doing it next Thursday.
    I have started pulling a few things together and buying bits each time I go out. It would be quite nice to visit at some point, or I can hand some boxes to Gemma no problem. Do I need to give sleeping things to her or best to you? What about towels?
    I live in St Neots should you be in the area too.
    Thank you

    • Barry says:

      Hi Natalie

      Apologies for the delayed reply.

      It was very kind of you to collect stuff for us as well. I am assuming Gemma has probably dropped off the donations now? However of course you are more than welcome to come and visit and see Jimmy’s. If you email me at we can arrange a convenient date and time. Kind regards, Sara

  3. Helen wynne says:

    I have a large quantity of towels which I’d like to donate but I’m not able to drop off. I live in Cottenham. Could anybody collect & deliver( 20) make Christy towels

  4. Calli Cresswell says:

    Hi there,

    We hope everybody enjoys the food that we sent you on Friday.
    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Kind Regards


    • Barry says:

      Hi Calli

      Thank you so much for thinking of us. It was very kind of you.

      Food certainly goes down well here.

      Kind regards

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