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[ 0 ] October 16, 2012

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information or you yourself are homeless.

Step 1: First Presentation. You will be asked to come into the center for an initial assessment where we will collect some basic information from you including details on how we can contact you when space becomes available.

Step 2: Present Daily. Please call or stop-by daily in order to let us know you would still like our support.

Step 3: Booking-in. You will be asked to complete some paperwork including Housing Benefit form, Risk Assessment, and some personal history, together with the assistance of a member of staff.

We will also ask you for information about your health (physical and mental), medication and any substance or alcohol problems. Please note, all information collected in order to aid us in supporting you is kept confidential. 

Once we have explained your rights and responsibilities at Jimmy’s, and asked you to sign a licence agreement with us, we will give you a brief a tour of the premises, and show you to your room.

Step 4: Your Stay. The length of stay is dependent on the ‘Local Connections’ policy operated by Cambridge City Council but will be reviewed after 28 days. Your stay may be extended if, for example, you can show that you are engaging with relevant agencies. Jimmy’s will work with you to ensure that you are put in contact with appropriate outreach, accommodation, health or statutory organisations to ensure that your stay at Jimmy’s is not put at risk and that you have the best possible opportunity of moving on to more secure accommodation.

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